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Mobile Screens

This "Jans Creacar designed" mobile screen is unique in it's fundamental simplicity and unique design characteristics. By means of a central lifting mast a 310 degree viewing angle is achieved. A specially designed trailer is horizontally levelled by four hydraulic outriggers. A central telescopic mast with integrated hydraulic lifting cylinder moves two support frames, with screen modules and integrated service platforms, upwards into the operating position. Initially these modules are placed opposite to each other and are assembled into one screen by lifting the first frame, turning it 180 degrees and then lowering it onto the second frame. The two frames are then hydraulically locked together into place. Finally the total screen is lifted with the central mast in the air until the top of the screen is ten meters high. The robustness and easy installation methods, by usage of a remote control, allows total setup time to be very fast (30 minutes). The screen can operate independent from any external power by use of a power generator which is build into a ultra-quiet, silenced cabinet at the rear compartment of the trailer. In the front compartment of the trailer is a fully equipped and air-conditioned control room for image processing and screen control.
"A very unique feature about this system is that the entire screen can be lifted out on the central mast very quick and easily ( 1/2 hour ) by an external crane." Some of our references:

 jansIMG 6824

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Mini Screen Trailers
This product features a single or dual sided LED screen, and with it's Side-less trailer unit it allows you for a unique drive-and-display experience. With built-in generator unit it is fully self-contained. The screen can either sit on flatbed or raise to 6.6m and it can rotate fully through 360°. The low weight and small size allows for vehicle to be driven by anyone with a car license. Ideal for advertising market – dynamic, high-impact advertising on the move!